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HIPAA Compliance Consulting & Training

A number of pharmaceutical marketing business functions are impacted by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA (see Pharma HIPAA & Privacy Impact Study, below). These functions include inbound and outbound call centers, sample fulfillment programs, patient assistance programs, direct mail pharmacies, electronic couponing, direct mail marketing, patient compliance programs, physician-patient community development, etc. Even though your company may not be a HIPAA "covered entity," it will be affected by HIPAA because of client expectations and by being a business associate of covered entities. To remain competitive, you must develop a HIPAA "compliance" program that satisfies these needs.

VirSci's HIPAA Compliance Consulting service is designed to help you achieve a level of HIPAA and/or other privacy regime compliance within an acceptable timeframe and to meet your tactical and strategic objectives.

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Pharma HIPAA & Privacy Impact Study

The Pharma HIPAA & Privacy Impact Study includes in-depth interviews and a survey of privacy and compliance officials at Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and pharmacy benefit management companies regarding their HIPAA and privacy "Hot Button" issues. Questions explore the impact of HIPAA privacy and security regulations on various pharmaceutical marketing practices, clinical research, and risk management.

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HIPAA Educational Services

  • Pharma Sponsored HIPAA Newsletters & Training - many health care providers are unsure how to apply HIPAA privacy and security rules in their practices and in their interactions with pharmaceutical sales representatives. Pharma-sponsored, third-party HIPAA education and training, much like sponsored CME, can help support physicians when there are no other "white knights" in sight. Examples include:
    • HIPAA & Privacy Readiness Monitor Newsletter - this newsletter is an example of a single-sponsored, value-added resource for pharmaceutical account managers and sales reps to help them service the information needs of their covered entity clients.
    • Sponsored Online HIPAA Training - VirSci Corporation has teamed up with a major supplier of online compliance programs to offer a unique HIPAA training solution, called Care and Attention, which is ideally suited for training both physicians and their support staffs of physician practices.

  • HIPAA Training Plus - the HIPAA legal and regulatory requirements is an opportunity to assess and address larger organizational challenges. The HIPAA Training Plus program includes a training assets assessment, a training program using the appropriate mix of pre-packaged and custom instructional tools, and organizational change management to integrate HIPAA into the client's overall work flow.
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Pharmaceutical Marketing Best Practices | Privacy Best Practices | HIPAA Compliance Consulting & Training
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