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HIPAA Compliance Consulting Service

A number of pharmaceutical marketing business functions are impacted by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. These functions include inbound and outbound call centers, sample fulfillment programs, patient assistance programs, direct mail pharmacies, electronic couponing, direct mail marketing, patient compliance programs, physician-patient community development, etc.

Even though your company may not be a HIPAA "covered entity," it will be affected by HIPAA because of client expectations and by being a business associate of covered entities. To remain competitive, you must develop a HIPAA "compliance" program that satisfies these needs.

An essential pert of any HIPAA/privacy compliance program is the designation of a "privacy official" who is responsible for the development and implementation of the policies and procedures necessary for compliance.

VirSci can be your privacy officer for hire until you designate an internal privacy officer, usually after initial compliance is achieved; i.e., after appropriate privacy and security policies are in place, after initial training of management and establishment of an ongoing training curriculum and procedure, and after legal contract reviews have been done.

VirSci's Privacy Officer for Hire Functions

  • Deliver initial privacy/HIPAA training and orientation to management and employees as necessary and establish an ongoing training program for new employees and continued compliance; Also, initiate activities to foster information privacy awareness within the organization and effect cultural changes to integrate HIPAA and privacy awareness into the overall work flow of the organization. (See HIPAA Training Plus for our unique approach to HIPAA training.)

  • Audit current policies and procedures to evaluate their adequacy and provide guidance and assistance in the implementation of new or updated organization information privacy policies and procedures as required by HIPAA and/or other applicable federal, EU and state requirements. (See Privacy Best Practices for information about our innovative privacy compliance methodology.)

  • Work with organization senior management and corporate compliance officer to establish an organization-wide Privacy Oversight Committee.

  • Perform initial information privacy risk assessment and establish related ongoing compliance monitoring procedures.

  • Establish with management and operations a mechanism to track access to protected health information, within the purview of the organization and as required by law and to allow qualified individuals to review or receive a report on such activity.

  • Establish and administer a process for receiving, documenting, tracking, investigating, and taking action on all complaints concerning the organization's privacy policies and procedures in coordination and collaboration with other similar functions and, when necessary, legal counsel.

  • Review all system-related information security plans throughout the organization's network to ensure alignment between security and privacy practices, and acts as a liaison to the information systems department.

  • Perform a follow-up evaluation of the organization's adherence to policies and procedures to ensure effective implementation.

  • Provide continued resources to help organization maintain current knowledge of applicable federal and state privacy laws and accreditation standards, and monitor advancements in information privacy technologies to ensure organizational adaptation and compliance. (See our Pharma Privacy Watch Report).

For more information about VirSci's HIPAA Compliance Consulting and Privacy Officer for Hire services and how to get started, call or email John Mack at 215-504-4164, Return to top...

Pharmaceutical Marketing Best Practices | Privacy Best Practices | HIPAA Compliance Consulting & Training
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