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Pharma Privacy Best Practices
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We offer privacy consulting to pharmaceutical companies and their vendors. including:

  • Privacy case studies for pharma companies. Educate your legal team and product managers regarding your company's privacy policies through real world case studies.

  • Outsource your privacy and security assessment of vendors handling consumer personal information on your behalf (see below).

Got Privacy?

Are You Prepared for a Privacy Assessment from Your Pharma Clients?

A marketing agency is ready to pitch a proposal to a major pharmaceutical company on a new project. But, at the last minute, the account manager gets a 20-page "Privacy Assessment" questionnaire from the Chief Privacy Officer of the pharma company. The assessment asks about the agency's privacy and security practices for handling consumer data and training personnel. It also wants to know about the agency's written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The problem is, the agency doesn't have any written SOPs!



PDFRead about VirSci's Privacy & HIPAA Compliance Practice to see what we do for you.

Privacy Assessment Services for Pharma Vendors

By now, every pharmaceutical marketer should know about the inadvertent e-mail message that led to Eli Lilly becoming the first major pharmaceutical company to settle an online consumer privacy complaint with the FTC. (See "Eli Lilly Settles FTC Charges Concerning Security Breach" )

The consent decree, which remains effective until 2022, requires that Lilly and its "agents…acting within the scope of their authority on behalf of, or in active concert or participation with, Eli Lilly and Company" abide by a four-part information security program (for more information, see The FTC-Lilly Consent Decree: What it Means for PHARMA Vendors and Partners.

Such agents could include interactive agencies that build and maintain Web sites, direct marketing agencies, fulfillment centers, market researchers, etc.

Whether or not your pharma clients currently require you to go through a privacy certification process, it behooves you to carefully upgrade your own privacy and security practices in order to maintain a competitive advantage as well as pass muster with pharmaceutical companies that are likely to invoke "privacy due diligence" when selecting providers.

VirSci's Privacy Assessment Services for Pharma Vendors includes the following services:

  • Help in answering self-assessment questionnaires from pharma companies.
  • Upgrading your standard operating procedures (SOPs) to comply with privacy best practices
  • Gap analysis of your current privacy and security procedures to determine changes necessary to comply with SOPs
  • Training personnel in privacy awareness and SOPs
For more information, see VirSci's Privacy & HIPAA Compliance Practice or contact John Mack at, 215-504-4164.

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Privacy Information Services

Pharma Privacy Watch Privacy officers, compliance officers, and legal counsels of multi-national pharmaceutical companies need to keep up with ever-changing privacy legislation at the international, federal, and state levels. Our Pharma Privacy Watch, designed for busy executives and their staffs, includes quarterly privacy intelligence, in-depth business analysis of privacy legislation, laws, and regulatory actions, and Web links to source data, references, and original documents. See a sample Pharma Privacy Watch report.

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Other Privacy Best Practice Services
  • Pharma Privacy Policy Benchmarking - Using a proprietary scoring methodology, which results in a "Privacy Compliance Index," this analysis ranks the privacy policies of major DTC pharma brand sites. How does your policy compare?
  • State Privacy Monitor Service - offers pharmaceutical clients an effective tracking service that monitors all 50 state legislatures. The service identifies important privacy bills currently before state legislatures, performs a "triage" function to rank privacy bills according to their potential effect upon pharmaceutical marketing and research, and includes a monthly summary analysis and report.
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Privacy & HIPAA Resources
  • Privacy Laws Around the World - this presentation by Hilary B. Schock, Assistant Privacy Officer at Merck & Co., provides links to privacy laws in the U.S., EU member states, other European states, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, and Latin America.

    Privacy Review for Pharmaceutical Vendors and Solution Providers - this presentation reviews FTC's Fair Information Practice Principles, HIPAA, CAN-SPAM and selected state privacy laws of interest to pharmaceutical companies and their partners. Do you have an adequate information security program? this presentation includes questions you should ask as part of a privacy self certification assessement.

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